Portable Office Cabins

We are amongst India's leading manufacturers of Portable Office Cabin. Portable Office Cabin means a portable cabin which can be moved or shifted to various locations as per your convenience. The high grade insulation on our portable cabins protects the interiors from outside heat. We have various flooring options like tiles, marble, wood etc.

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Portable Security Cabins

We manufacture pre-fabricated portable security cabins crafted from latest technology machinery using the best quality imported raw material. These cabins comes with heavy insulation, which helps keeping the person sitting inside, to remain unaffected from external climate. This feature makes it the best option for using it as a security cabin.

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Portable Toilets

With our constantly improving quality and innovation, our company is acknowledged as one of the best manufacturers of Portable Toilets. With great customizable features, these toilet cabins have excellent partitioning scheme that ensures separate sections for ladies and gents to maintain privacy. These toliet cabins are widely used in seminars, offices and other commercial areas.

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Our Complete Product Range

For over a decade, PPC has been creating various types of Portable Cabins across the country. Invest in our products with peace of mind knowing you’re getting innovative design, a quality build and ongoing support.